Breitbart’s click-hate echo chamber is a threat to Europe. Here’s why | Joe Mulhall

Our analysis of 500 articles on Breitbart London shows its attempt to subvert the postwar liberal consensus – and with it the protections offered to minorities. Breitbart is not a news website. Nor is it a media outlet, and its staff are not ordinary journalists. Breitbart is a political project, with a specific political agenda, and staffed by willing propagandists. As Hope not Hate’s new report, Breitbart: A rightwing plot to shape Europe’s future shows, while ostensibly a rightwing news outlet like any other, Breitbart is in reality part of a transatlantic political movement with a common worldview and coordinated objectives. It doesn’t just report on events: it seeks to make them and (mis-)shape them. Continue reading…


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